What are the parts of a trailer?

Whether you're building or servicing your trailer, it's important to use the best trailer parts. Some of these parts are essential for your trailer, while others help to make towing easier and safer. While there are many trailer shops, you should only buy from the best, where you’re assured of quality and durability. 

Perhaps you’re looking to replace worn trailer parts or build your own trailer; think Trailers 2000 Parts. Trailers 2000 Parts is an industry-leading trailer and trailer parts supplier. Our parts are made from the best materials and designed to survive the harshest Australian conditions.

What trailer parts are available?

At Trailers 2000 Parts, we have an extensive catalogue of trailer parts. These trailer parts are available in different sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Some available trailer parts are;

Axles and Hubs

Axles and wheels are both essential parts of a trailer. The axle is a center beam that the wheel rotates on, while the hub rotates on the centre of the axle on bearings and the wheel connects the hub.  On trailers, you have lazy and braked axles. 

The lazy axle is generally used on single axle box trailers without brakes or tandem axle trailers of 2000kg GVM or less. On our site, we have different axles and hub accessories, including bare axles, electric brake axles, lazy axles, mechanical disc axles, dust caps, and dust covers.


A coupling is a mechanical device that connects the trailer to the towing vehicle.  Some available couplings include off-road couplings, electric brake couplings, override couplings and quick-release couplings.

Gas Struts

Gas struts have many uses and applications, but in trailers, they help to open doors quickly and smoothly. Gas struts are common in enclosed trailers. Gas struts assist when opening doors making it much easier to open and stay opened. If you're unsure about the length of the gas struts you need, you can measure your trailer door height and note the figure. The perfect gas struts should be around 55% of your trailer door height.  The capacity of the gas strut will be determined by the weight of the door being lifted.

Jockey Wheels

The primary purpose of a jockey wheel is to hitch and unhitch the trailer from the towing vehicle. They also make moving a trailer around much easier. Jockey wheels usually mount at the front of the trailer near the hitch. When choosing a jockey wheel, it's essential to consider the size of your trailer. You can find different sizes of jockey wheels and all the vital parts on our site. 

Lights, Plugs, and Adaptors

Lights, plugs, and adaptors are all electrical components of a trailer. Australian regulations require trailers to have lights to make them visible to other road users at night. The turn signal, stop lights, and reflectors are critical for towing safety. A plug is an electrical connector that connects the trailer's lights to the towing vehicle. Adaptors are also connectors, joining the trailer to the tow vehicle when the plug does not match that of the towing vehicle. You can browse our site for trailer lights, plugs, and adaptors.

Mud Guards

If you are repairing or making a new trailer then Trailers 2000 Parts offers various mudguards for your project whether it be a single axle or a tandem axle trailer. 13” 14” or 16” mudguards are all available. 

Springs and Fittings

Springs and fittings are service items you can use when repairing your trailer. We stock different springs, and fittings like nylon bushes, deep spring hangers, fish plates, shackle bolts, rocker pins, and more.

Tool Boxes

Toolboxes are precisely what they sound like. These boxes are for storing, organising, and transporting tools, tie down straps, jacks, trailer spare parts etc. The toolbox could be used for carrying trade tools or tools for repairs. We have large aluminum checker plate toolboxes that will protect your tools from the weather.

Trailer Cages

A trailer cage is a great option for a box trailer, they are handy for extra storage room, camping or travelling. These trailer cages are sturdy and available in a variety of dimensions. Depending on the intended use and the size of your trailer, you can decide to get a 6×4, 7×4, 7×5, or 8×5 universal trailer cage.

Trailer Covers

When transporting cargo, it's essential to protect it from the natural elements. That's where trailer covers come in. Trailer covers have thick materials that protect your cargo from the sun and rain. At Trailers 2000 Parts, we have trailer covers in different sizes, and they all come with a bow to support the centre of the cover.

Wheels and Tyres

Trailer wheels consist of tyres and rims. These trailer parts are a very important part of any trailer and should always be in good condition. If you need to replace your wheels, Trailers 2000 Parts stocks quality rims and tyres in different sizes for your trailer.

Trailer Coupling Locks

A trailer coupling lock is a clever method of preventing theft. The lock makes it hard for a thief to take your trailer.  You can also use the lock when the trailer is connected to your vehicle. You should only use trailer coupling locks when the towing vehicle is stationary. Using a lock when the car is in motion can cause damage. You can also get hardened steel trailer coupling locks and hitch pin locks from our trailer parts shop.

Besides the amazing benefits of shopping trailer parts from Trailers 2000 Parts, you can also create an account with Trailers 2000 Parts today and make a wishlist of all the parts you need. Trailers 2000 Parts is a subsidiary of Trailers 2000, an Australian trailer manufacturer. This means that we have the experience and expertise on all things trailers, and we can help you select the best parts for your trailer. 

Distance is no barrier, as we offer standard shipping calculated on the postcode and weight/size of the order. Alternatively, you can use our click-and-collect option, where you pick up your order from our Sunshine Coast location.

Additionally, we have thousands of trailer parts not listed on our website, so you can contact our experts or call us at (07) 5494 6711 if you don’t find the trailer part you need. 

Trailer 2000 Parts is your one-stop shop for all your quality trailer parts. All our trailer parts are manufactured with quality and built to withstand tough Australian conditions. Contact us today to get long-lasting parts for your trailer.

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