Trailer parts Buying guide

Trailers 2000 Parts Buying Guide

As with any vehicle there is wear and tear on every moving part or exposure to the elements that may cause damage.

Servicing your trailer is a good practice for keeping you safe on the road and extending its life.

Whether you are building your own trailer, sprucing up your investment or just replacing a worn part, you need to know what the best practice is when looking for the right part.

We know trailers because we have been building them for over three decades. We're an all Australian company who's grown to become the country's leading, dependable and efficient trailer manufacturer of the highest quality fully galvanised trailers and accessories.


We have put together a guide to help you get the best parts for your needs.


Quality First

When it comes to choosing the best quality part you need to know who the supplier is and their reputation.

Look for an Australian based supplier that know trailers. There are a lot of knockoff parts that are on the market and don’t meet our high standards here in Australia. Be mindful of the quality of the materials being used in each part to suit your situation. Inferior parts just don’t last, or you could find yourself having to replace them more often.


The Right Price

We all want to save a few dollars in this current economic environment and can be swayed by a bargain, but you are not always saving when buying cheap. Buying trailer parts from a reputable supplier is the first step.

Knowing who you are dealing with will give you peace of mind that you are paying the right price for a quality product and not a cheap knockoff. Ask questions, Knowledge and service for products being sold can help you make an informed decision about the quality. Buy cheap and you may have to buy more often or spend that bit extra and save in the long run.


Shop Once

If you are needing a variety of trailer parts, it can save you time and money if the supplier can cater to all your needs.

Get your shopping list together, make sure the supplier has all the items you need, and you can conveniently buy once with one postage cost and all arriving at the same time.

Reputable suppliers can work with you to make sure you are getting everything you need in one shop. Just because a supplier is online doesn’t mean there isn’t good old fashion customer service.


Right Fit

Knowing your ABC’s when it comes to trailer parts can be a daunting prospect because there are so many variables to be considered. Even when buying a trailer if you choose an imported trailer, you are unlikely to be able to get parts that suit.

Firstly, know your make of trailer, its ATM, wheel size and stud pattern but if you are unsure about the parts you need, ask your supplier.

A trailer parts supplier that builds trailers is far more likely to know exactly what parts are required. Choosing the wrong part can be a costly process.


Trailers 2000 Parts is located on the Sunshine Coast, so if you are local come see us and take advantage of the above. We would love to help you with all your trailer part needs.