How do I know what wheels fit my trailer?

At our trailer parts online store, we offer a variety of trailer wheels and tyres. These wheels and tyres are available in different sizes to fit a wide range of trailers. It can be challenging to find the right wheels that fit your trailer. 

Trailer wheels are built to fit the certain stud patterns, here at Trailers 2000 Parts we stock 5 stud Ford and 6 Stud Landcruiser patterns.  When purchasing wheels and tyres you must make certain they have the appropriate load rating to suit your trailer.  If you are concerned about getting the wrong trailer wheels, our guide will help you choose the right wheels for your trailer.

How do I know what trailer wheel size to get?

Trailers do not operate in the same way a car does, and they do not come with a log book that sets out the correct size to get. Your trailer may be able to fit all wheel sizes.  Fitting wheels and tyres that are too large or too small for your trailer can lead to damage or even serious damage. 

Here at Trailers 2000 Parts we offer the following wheels and tyres.

13” rim with 155/80R13 tyre to suit 750kg 6 x 4 and 7 x 4 trailers

14” rim with 185/65R14 tyre to suit 750kg to 1000kg GVM trailers

14” rim with 185R14C tyre to suit 1000kg to 2900kg GVM trailers

16” rim with 205R16C tyre to suit 750kg to 3500gk GVM trailers 

How do I know what stud pattern to get?

Several trailer manufacturers and models have different studs or bolt patterns for their hubs. The trailer hubs are where you bolt the wheel onto. 

Many trailer manufacturers have adopted standard stud patterns, offering flexibility for trailer owners regarding wheel choice. It is pretty easy to identify the stud pattern of trailer wheels. There are two main measurements to determine what stud pattern your trailer wheels are. They include:

1. How many bolts/studs are used?

You can accurately determine how many bolts are used on the trailer wheels by looking at the wheel hub. Here at Trailers 2000 Parts  we supply 5 and 6 studs wheels. The studs are situated on a pitch circle diameter (PCD), for example a Ford 5 stud pattern in 5 stud on 114.3mm PCD.  A 6 stud Landcruiser pattern is 6 studs on 139.7 PCD. 

Before buying a set of trailer rims, it is crucial to count the number of studs on your trailer and measure the diameter the studs are located on. 

It would help if you had this measurement in inches or millimetres, depending on the trailer wheel manufacturer.

2. Pitch circle diameter (PCD)

The pitch circle diameter is a measurement on which centre of each stud is located.  It can be challenging to get the correct pitch circle diameter, as the centre of the hub sticks out more than the studs. Without proper tools, it won’t be easy to measure the diameter accurately.

How do I know if the wheels are tough enough to support my trailer?

Ensure you check the trailer wheels’ load rating to know if they can carry the load efficiently. The tyre construction for trailers has massively improved throughout the years. We recommend that you select the radius based intended use.

The trailer tyre sizes are measured in metric, while the tyre radiuses are measured in inches. The first number from the tyre size metric represents the width in millimetres at the broadest tyre part and not at the tread. You should know this when calculating if the tyre fits well in the wheel. 

The second number of the metric represents the height of the sidewall in millimeters, as the width of the tyre at the broadest part. The third number represents the opening in the tyre measured in inches.

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