What Is A Coupling On A Trailer?

A coupling on a trailer is the component used to connect the trailer to the towing vehicle. The connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle is critical and therefore the coupling must meet the requirement of Australian Standards AS4177.

There are several different types of trailer couplings available to suit different towing requirements. The most common type of coupling is a 50mm Quick Release ball coupling. This type of coupling fits onto the 50mm towball on the towing vehicle's towbar. This type of coupling is the most commonly used and is suitable for most types of towing. 

At Trailers 2000 parts, we sell various types of couplings and accessories that conform to the relevant Australian Standards, ensuring your safety when towing.

The type of trailer coupling chosen will depend on the type of towing being undertaken and the weight of the trailer and towing vehicle. It is important to select a coupling that is suitable for the weight of the trailer and towing vehicle in order to ensure a safe connection between the two vehicles. Here we will concentrate our attention on the 50mm ball type trailer coupling. 


Quick Release Coupling 

A Quick Release trailer coupling is a fast, convenient and secure way to connect a trailer to a tow vehicle. It is an innovative, lightweight coupling system that attaches to the tow vehicle with one single action, allowing for quick and easy connection and disconnection of the trailer.


Mechanical Override Coupling

A mechanical override trailer coupling is a quick release coupling used with trailers fitted with mechanical brakes. This coupling uses the forces created from towing vehicles and the trailer to activate the trailer's brakes.  This type of coupling is also fitted with a handbrake.

3.5T Electric Brake Coupling - Zinc Plated

The 3.5T Electric Brake Coupling is used when the trailer is fitted with electric brakes. In addition to a standard quick release coupling this coupling has a higher capacity plus the addition of the handbrake lever.  


2T and 3.5T Off road AL-KO Coupling  

The Al-KO range of Off-road couplings are designed to fit a standard 50mm towball and are typically much stronger than standard couplings. This means that they can withstand the increased pressures exerted on them when the trailer is towed over rocky terrain or other difficult surfaces.

The AL-KO Off road trailer couplings are designed to allow for a wider range of movement (360 Degrees). This is important when towing over uneven surfaces, as the coupling must be able to accommodate the unusual angles created between towball and coupling by off road terrain. 

Couplings ensure that the trailer is safely attached to the tow vehicle. Compromising the quality of these parts may increase the risk of the trailer becoming disconnected from the tow vehicle. Investing in quality trailer couplings is an important step in ensuring a safe and secure connection between a trailer and a car. As you explore our range of parts online, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can also refer questions to our sister company Trailers2000 who manufactures trailers and has some very specific product knowledge when it comes to trailers.


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