What are the most popular trailer accessories?

Date Posted:31 July 2023 


Popular Trailer Accessories Include Trailer Cages and Trailer Covers 


Owning a trailer in Australia is more than just having a vehicle to tow; it's about customising it to fit your specific needs. Whether you have a small box trailer, a utility trailer, or a custom trailer, the right trailer accessories can make a significant difference in your towing experience. Let's delve into some of the most popular trailer accessories that can elevate your trailer’s functionality.


When talking about trailer accessories, we refer to additional items that can enhance your trailer's performance, safety, and ease of use. These can range from simple add-ons like new lights to more complex fittings like gas struts. Not all accessories are universal, so it's essential to consider your trailer type and needs.


Trailer Jockey Wheel and Trailer Wheel Clamp

The jockey wheel is one of the most crucial trailer accessories for manoeuvrability and stability. Different sizes, like 10", 6", and 8", are available to suit various trailers. Another essential accessory is the trailer wheel clamp. It is an anti-theft device that secures your trailer when parked or unattended. A trailer wheel clamp is an excellent anti-theft device. It's a small investment that brings peace of mind, knowing your trailer is secure when you leave it unattended.


Both these accessories contribute to a safer and more efficient towing experience.


8” Trailer Jockey Wheel   Compact Wheel Clamp


Trailer Cage and Trailer Cage Cover

A trailer cage is an excellent addition for those looking to increase their trailer's carrying capacity. When paired with a trailer cage cover, you can protect your load from the elements, ensuring that your goods are secure during transit.


Trailer Wire Harness

A wire harness is essential for connecting your trailer's electrical system to your towing vehicle. This trailer accessory ensures that lights, indicators, and other electrical components function correctly, making for a safer drive.

         Trailer Wire Harness


Trailer Gas Struts

Gas struts are powerful mechanisms that assist in lifting and holding heavy trailer doors or lids in place. As an essential trailer accessory, they add convenience and safety to your trailer, making loading and unloading significantly easier.

         Trailer Gas Strut


Trailer Lights

Visibility is crucial when towing, making trailer lights one of the essential trailer accessories. From brake lights to indicators, good lighting ensures you're visible on the road, especially in low-light conditions or bad weather.

Trailer lights include brake lightsside marker lightsindicator lights and reflectors


Trailer Tool Boxes

Trailer tool boxes are another accessory that offers practicality and security. These lockable boxes can be installed on your trailer, offering safe storage for tools or other valuable items.

Aluminium Checker Plate Trailer Tool Box


Tradesperson's Large Aluminium Checkerplate Rhino Toolbox - 1100mm x 370mm x 400mm  

  • Durable aluminium checker plate
  • Patented Croc-Loc locking system
  • Gas strut
  • Made in Australia



Rhino Wedge Aluminium Checker Plate Toolbox - 800mm  x 300mm x 320mm

  • Designed to fit on the drawbar of your trailer
  • Made from aluminium checker plate and has a stainless steel piano hinge
  • Sealing rubber
  • Patented Croc-Loc locking system.


Rhino Wedge Aluminium Trailer Tool Box

Trailer Parts Shop and Trailer Supply Store

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In summary, the right trailer accessories can make a world of difference in your towing experience. Whether it's a trailer jockey wheel for easy manoeuvring, a trailer cage for increased capacity, or a trailer wheel clamp for added security, these popular accessories bring enhanced functionality and peace of mind. Look no further than trailers2000parts.com.au, your trusted online trailer supply store for all your trailer accessory needs.


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