What is the purpose of a jockey wheel?

Date Posted:31 July 2023 


Jockey Wheel for Tandem Axle Box Trailer

When it comes to towing small box trailers, utility trailers, custom trailers, or caravans, one piece of equipment you can't ignore is the jockey wheel. Not only does it aid in manoeuvring your trailer with ease, but it also plays a crucial role in hitching and unhitching a trailer from the towing vehicle. So, what exactly is a jockey wheel, and why is it so important?


What is a Jockey Wheel?

A jockey wheel is essentially a small wheel that is mounted at the front of a trailer, often in combination with a jockey wheel clamp, to assist with positioning and stabilising the trailer when it's not attached to a vehicle. Think of it as a ‘helper’ wheel that offers you more control and stability over your trailer, especially when parking on uneven terrain or aligning it with your towing vehicle.


Why Do You Need a Jockey Wheel?


A jockey wheel makes manoeuvring your trailer a breeze. You can push or pull your trailer manually to get it exactly where you want it, something that’s almost impossible to do accurately without one.


Jockey wheels add an extra point of contact with the ground, making your trailer more stable when it’s not in motion. This is particularly important for utility trailers or caravans that carry valuable or sensitive loads.

Easier Hitching and Unhitching

The jockey wheel aids significantly in the process of hitching and unhitching your trailer to and from the towing vehicle. By using the jockey wheel handle to raise or lower the height of the trailer's hitch, you can effortlessly align it with the towing hitch on your vehicle.


Different trailers have different needs, and fortunately, jockey wheels come in various sizes such as 10", 6", and 8". Moreover, jockey wheel accessories like ubolt kits make attaching the jockey wheel to your trailer simple, offering an extra layer of adaptability and customisation.


Types of Jockey Wheels and Accessories


Standard Jockey Wheels

These are your typical jockey wheels that need to be bolted onto the trailer. They are sturdy and reliable, coming in different sizes to suit different trailers.

10” Swing Away Jockey Wheel



  • Quality zinc plating
  • Replaceable winding handle  
  • 250mm maximum height extension
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Sealed bearings
  • Rated up to 350 kg


Clamp-on Jockey Wheels

A unique option is the 6" clamp-on jockey wheel that doesn't need to be bolted on. These offer quick installation and removal, making them very convenient.

          6” Clamp On Jockey Wheel



For use with weld or bolt on clamp.

Jockey wheel only (Clamp sold separately)




Jockey Wheel Handles: For easy raising and lowering.

              Jockey Wheel Handle



This jockey wheel handle suits the standard range of Ark jockey wheels. It is fixed with a roll pin that is included with the handle.

Length: 170mm



Ubolt Kits: These kits make the process of attaching your jockey wheel to the trailer smooth and secure.

         Ubolt Kit Swing Jockey Wheel



  • Zinc coated
  • Set of two
  • Supplied with nuts and spring washers

Jockey Wheel Clamps provide additional stability and support.


Where to Buy Jockey Wheels?

For high-quality jockey wheels and trailer accessories, you can't go wrong with trailers2000parts.com.au. As a leading trailer supply store in Australia, we offer a wide range of options, including 10", 6" and 8" jockey wheels and all the accessories you'll need, like trailer wheel clamps and ubolt kits.

So, the next time you think of upgrading your trailer jockey wheel or need any other trailer accessories, hop online at trailers2000parts.com.au - your one-stop shop for all your trailer needs. We make the process of buying and installing a jockey wheel super easy. 


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