What Do Trailer Gas Struts Do?

Trailer gas struts are essential components for trailers in Australia, designed to provide smooth and controlled movement when opening and closing doors, hatches, or lids. They are particularly useful on customised trailers with compartments and doors, trailer toolbox lids, tailgates, livestock trailers or trailers with ramps. They consist of a piston rod enclosed in a cylinder filled with compressed gas, usually nitrogen. These gas struts are commonly used in various trailer applications, including box trailers, utility trailers, and most custom trailers.


What Does a Trailer Gas Strut Do?

Trailer gas struts play a crucial role in the functionality and convenience of trailers. When properly installed, they assist in lifting parts like trailer doors, reducing the effort required to open and close them. Gas struts offer reliable support by counteracting the weight of the trailer component they are attached to, providing a smooth and controlled motion throughout the operation.

Trailer Gas Strut on Trailers 2000 Golf Trailer


With the assistance of trailer gas struts, you can easily lift and secure your trailer doors or access points in an open position, allowing for convenient loading and unloading of cargo. These struts also prevent sudden closures or accidental slams, ensuring safety during trailer use. Gas struts enhance a trailer's overall usability and user experience by keeping moveable components in the desired position.


Is it Easy to Replace a Trailer Gas Strut?

When it comes to replacing a trailer gas strut, the process can be relatively straightforward, especially with the availability of high-quality gas struts for sale online. By visiting reputable websites like Trailers2000Parts.com.au, you can easily find a wide range of trailer gas struts suitable for your specific trailer model and application.

To replace a trailer gas strut, start by securing the trailer to prevent accidental movement. Then, identify the mounting points where the existing gas strut is attached. Remove any retaining clips or brackets securing the strut and carefully detach it from the trailer. Next, align the new gas strut with the mounting points and ensure a secure fit. Finally, attach the new gas strut by firmly fastening the retaining clips or brackets.

While the process itself may be straightforward, it is essential to follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with replacing the gas struts yourself, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional trailer technician or mechanic.


What are the Different Sizes of Trailer Gas Struts?

Trailer gas struts come in various sizes to accommodate different trailer designs and weight requirements. Selecting the right size gas strut for your specific application is crucial to ensure optimal performance. When browsing through Trailers2000Parts.com.au, you will find a range of trailer gas struts available in different lengths and load capacities.

The length of a gas strut refers to the extended measurement from one end to the other when fully extended. Choosing a length that matches the distance between the mounting points on your trailer is vital to achieving the desired operation and support.

Gas Struts

TRAILER GAS STRUT - 600N x 535mm - P/N 46093

Load capacity, measured in Newtons (N), indicates the maximum weight a gas strut can support. It is crucial to select a gas strut with an appropriate load capacity based on the weight of the trailer component it will support. By considering both length and load capacity, you can ensure the gas strut will function effectively and safely in your trailer application.


Can I Have Trailer Gas Struts Delivered to My Door?

Yes, you can conveniently have trailer gas struts delivered to your door by ordering them online from Trailers2000Parts.com.au. With our extensive range of gas struts for sale, you can browse and select the most suitable gas struts for your trailer without leaving the comfort of your home or workshop.


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