Do I need a cage on my trailer?

A trailer is excellent for transporting many kinds of cargo, including palletised and non-palletised loads.

Non-palletised cargo is commonly known as loose cargo; as the name suggests, carrying it in an open trailer can be a chore. That is where the significance of the trailer cage comes into play.

The trailer cage slots into the sides of your box trailer, providing a portable enclosure for loads of many types, especially loose ones. Regardless of the load, you wish to transport; a trailer cage comes in handy for security and extra insurance on cargo.

Why do I need a trailer cage?

A trailer cage, commonly referred to as a cage trailer, is a versatile addition to any trailer. It is a preferred option for the following reasons:

They are dependable

Whatever the kind of cargo you are transporting, they would fare better inside a cage trailer.

While you can rely on the flatbed trailer to fit anything of any shape on it, they give less assurance on the safety of the goods, especially in turbulent road conditions.

Trailer cages, on the other hand, come equipped with boundaries to prevent the goods from spilling or some parts of it getting lost. You can also get a broad canvas to manipulate when using cage trailers, as you can adjust it to be covered entirely or left open.

Flatbed trailers are severely limited in the kind of goods they can carry. For instance, they cannot transport livestock because the probability of those animals falling out and getting lost is high.

Furthermore, cage trailers are great for wet weather as the trailer cage cover and body protects the goods within from the elements.

They are easy to use

The cage trailer is uncomplicated when it comes to usage. Other options, like the flatbed trailer, can be stressful as you must load and adequately secure the goods onto the trailer. Any wrong move could see all your assembly scattered or something missing in the middle of the journey.

A trailer cage is easy to use and install. You can use a trailer cover for very loose goods to ensure no fallout during transportation. You do not have to stress over securing the goods as long as the cage is set up right, although some states do require you to cover your load. It is also easier to manage in the long run and makes loading of cargo faster without the extra time to secure it if it were another trailer option.

How to increase the storage capacity of a box trailer using the cage trailer

A box trailer is a very versatile trailer that can have many uses, and with the addition of a flat pack cage, you can make even more use of your trailer. However, it is important to remember that increasing the enclosure capacity of your trailer does not mean your trailer aggregate trailer mass increases, so you will need to ensure that you do not overload your trailer. 

If you need to upgrade your trailer, it is important to consider how some trailer parts are impacted, so it can sufficiently bear the weight of the new trailer and its contents. For your safety, you should avoid upgrading your vehicle to carry a trailer with a capacity that's way above the vehicles engine capacity. Here are the essential parts you need to upgrade for your new setup to work correctly:

Brake system

Using brakes meant for smaller loads on heavy ones will cause the trailer to lurch forward instead of stopping since the brakes cannot bear the weight of the load. You may need to upgrade this component for safety, as accidents can arise from the simple mistakes of using the old brake system for a heavier load.


Without the right axles, your box trailer would be immobile when attempting to carry a bigger load.

Whether you need to upgrade your axles depends on the size of the cage trailer you are upgrading with. Nonetheless, it is safer to have an auto technician cross-check the new setup to determine if the trailer needs new axles.

What kind of trailer enclosure options are available on the box trailer

A Trailers 2000 Parts trailer cage is a strong and durable cage that is 600mm high above the trailer and is constructed out of 4 sections that can easily fit together. It has a full frame made from galvanised square section and is reinforced with 75mm x 50mm galvanised weld-mesh. It also has cleverly designed corner posts that allow the cage to be secured onto the trailer and maintain its integrity even when the rear door is open.

There are many options available for trailer cages, made for box trailer sizes 6x4, 7x4, 7x5, 8x5, 10x5 and 10x6. We also have a range of sizes of hot dip galvansied cages.

The trailer enclosure option dominating the road is the 6×9 foot trailer size which has sufficient space for the average need. The 8×16 foot trailer enclosure is an extensive standard option with spare room for more oversized cargo.

Trailers 2000 Parts is your one-stop shop for all trailer covers and cages, along with replacement bows and rivets. Our trailer cages are rust-free, adjustable, quick, easy to fix, affordable and can be packed away when unused. The cages come in eight different sizes and are made from sturdy material to ensure that your cargo is secure in its hold. Contact us today to get the best deals.

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