What are the different types of trailer jockey wheels?

Date Posted:8 September 2023 

Luggage Trailer Featuring Swing Away Trailer Jockey Wheel.

When it comes to maneuvering your trailer with ease and precision, a reliable jockey wheel is an essential accessory. At Trailers 2000 Parts, we understand the importance of having the right jockey wheel for your trailer. This article will explore the different types of trailer jockey wheels available, their sizes and highlight a popular example from our range.


Types of Trailer Jockey Wheels


Clamp-On Jockey Wheels: These jockey wheels are designed to be clamped onto the drawbar of your trailer. They provide a secure and adjustable attachment method, making them suitable for various trailer types.

6" Clamp On Trailer Jockey WheelMatching Trailer Jockey Wheel Clamp

Swing Away Jockey Wheels: Swing-away models are popular among trailer owners. They feature a mechanism that allows you to easily swing the jockey wheel up and out of the way when not in use, providing convenience and saving space.


Consideration: Jockey Wheel Sizes

When selecting a jockey wheel, it's important to consider the wheel size. Different sizes are available to suit various trailer types and towing needs. The most common sizes include:


10" Jockey Wheel: Ideal for larger trailers and heavier loads, a 10" jockey wheel provides stability and smooth maneuverability.


8" Jockey Wheel: This size is suitable for medium-sized trailers and offers a good balance of maneuverability and load-bearing capacity.


6" Jockey Wheel: Smaller trailers or those with lighter loads can benefit from a 6" jockey wheel, which provides easy handling and maneuvering.


A Popular Example: 




Key Features:


Quality zinc plating for corrosion resistance.

Replaceable winding handle for convenience.

250mm maximum height extension, allowing for easy hitching.

Solid rubber tyre for durability and smooth movement.

Sealed bearings for long-lasting performance.

Rated up to 350 kg, making it suitable for a variety of trailers.

Don't forget to match the U-Bolts to your drawbar size (sold separately).





Shipping Weight: 12.4000kg

Shipping Width: 0.350m

Shipping Height: 0.200m

Shipping Length: 0.720m

Shipping Cubic: 0.050400000m³


Choosing the right jockey wheel is crucial for ensuring smooth and safe maneuverability of your trailer. At Trailers 2000, we offer a range of jockey wheels, including clamp-on, bolt-on, and swing-away models, in various sizes to suit your specific needs. Our featured 10" Swing Away Jockey Wheel - Solid Tyre is an excellent example of a quality jockey wheel that provides durability and ease of use.

Remember that our jockey wheels are compatible with Trailers 2000 trailers, and you can conveniently order them from our online trailer parts supply store, Trailers 2000 Parts. Invest in a reliable jockey wheel today to make your trailer handling tasks a breeze.

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