Are all trailer tyres the same?

The type of tyres a trailer uses directly influences stability and traction. With that in mind, it is important to note that not all trailer tyres are the same. The trailer type plays a significant role in deciding what type of tyres you should get. While there are different types of trailer tyres, it's essential that you use the same tyre type and size on a trailer.

What are the elements of a tyre?

There are many elements you should know about when buying tyres for your trailer. The knowledge of these elements will help you make the most informed decisions in the event of a tyre purchase. For example, there's a tyre sequence on the tyre sidewall, and it contains vital information about the tyres. The sequence appears like 'P225/70R1891S' on most tyres. Below are some explanations of these tyre elements;

Section width

The section width of a tyre is a side measurement of the two side walls. When buying a new tyre set, you should check the section width because it determines how well the tyre fits your wheel. The section width is the first number in the tyre sequence.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio denotes the height of a tyre profile, and in our example, the aspect ratio is '70'.

Construction and rim size

The construction of a tyre could either be radial or diagonal, while rim size is the size of a wheel diameter. From our example 'R18', the construction of the tyre is radial while the rim size is '18'.

Load index

Load index refers to how much load a tyre can support once it's in an inflated state. The load is measured in pounds, and the figure in our example is '91'.

Speed ratings

The speed ratings indicate the maximum speed that a tyre can support. Tyres usually come with either S, H, or V. As the last element on the tyre sequence, the speed rating here is 'S.'

What are the types of trailer tyres?

There are two main types of trailer tyres you’ll find in our trailer parts store. These tyres are radial and light truck tyres. They have different strengths and are suitable for different kinds of trailers. At Trailers 2000, we have various parts for a trailer, including the radial and light truck tyres.

Radial tyre

Radial tyres have a construction process that makes them flexible and rigid simultaneously. Today, radial tyres are the most commonly used tyres. Even passenger cars make use of them.

The most flexible part of a radial tyre is the sidewall, and this feature allows the tyres to excel at high speeds. Radial tyres also have better grip and shock absorption. Another advantage of radial tyres that makes them popular is their long tread life and uniform tread wear. Single-axle trailers, such as box trailers, are compatible with radial trailers.

Light truck tyre

Light truck tyres have an overlapping production process that involves placing strong cords together in an overlapping style. Due to the production process, light truck tyres have a very thick tread pattern that allows them to support a heavy load.

Similar to radial tyres, light truck tyres have strong and rigid sidewalls. Light truck tyres are suitable for all trailers including trailers with brakes. Off-road trailers also benefit from using light truck tyres. However, the light truck tyre has to have an off-road tread pattern.

Why do you need spare or replacement tyres?

Spare tyres have saved a lot of driving in emergencies. A flat tyre or puncture can happen out of the blue, and it's best to be prepared. With spare tyres, you can quickly replace a bad tyre and continue. Spare tyres are a precaution, but replacement tyres are a form of maintenance. Tyres are essential features in any vehicle, so routine maintenance is critical.

How to maintain trailer tyres

Routine tyre maintenance and replacements ensure towing safety, and it's also a great way to prevent any surprising tyre issues. The following are some steps you can take to maintain your trailer tyres include:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly.
  • While checking the tyre pressure, use the opportunity to observe the tyres for damage.
  • Rotate the tyres to prolong tread life.
  • If the tyres are looking underinflated, add air pressure.
  • Use the same tyres for your trailer and towing vehicle.

Trailers 2000 Parts has trailer parts like trailer rims, trailer lights, and other trailer parts. Before you get trailer wheels from our store, consider your trailer type. If you use a single-axle trailer, the radial tyres will be a great fit, but you should check the light truck tyres if you have a tandem axle or a braked trailer. Also, confirm your rim size so that you can order the correct size of trailer tyres.

Trailers 2000 Parts stock a wide variety of axles to suit most trailers. Check out our range of trailer tyres, or contact us directly if you need assistance finding the right parts for your trailer.

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