What's an Axle on a Trailer?

Axles are one of the most important components of a vehicle.  These small but mighty parts are responsible for transferring power and torque from the engine, to be evenly distributed throughout the wheels. Without proper, well manufactured axles, you pose the risk of vehicle malfunction and complete loss of control.

Unlike a vehicle axle, trailer axles exist solely to support the trailer on the trailer wheels. Like all vehicle parts that are exposed to heavy consistent use and various weather patterns, trailer axles need to be maintained and kept in excellent condition.  One of the most common ways that axles can be compromised is through damage to the car.  Potholes, reckless driving, and certainly automobile collisions all increase likelihood of damage.  Another way that axles can be negatively affected is through constant exposure to precipitation.  The moisture increases rust and metal fatigue to the trailer part.  Lastly, overloading your vehicle or trailer beyond its weight limit overwhelms the axles' capacity and wears them down to less than safe working conditions.  Because there are various ways that trailer axles can be damaged, they need to constantly be monitored, maintained, and replaced to guarantee optimal working function.

All trailer axles carry out the same basic function, however there are different variations to axles depending on the user's requirements. 

Electric Brake Trailer Axles

Brake axles are manufactured to work with a trailer's current brake system, to provide a more controlled stop.  The job of brake axles is to slow the trailer wheels in conjunction to the towing vehicle braking, for a smoother and more controlled stop, particularly when towing heavy loads. Our specific brake axles include faster cooling times during brake usage that ensures the brake axles themselves last longer.

Lazy Axle Truck

Lazy axles are specific trailer axles fitted in the rear axle group of a trailer.  The name "lazy axles" is fitting because this type of axle is made to share the load of the vehicle.  This specific axle is referred to as non-driven, in comparison to a brake axle which has brakes fitted to the axle.

Bare Axles

The bare axle has a fitting name because it's the most simple version of axles there is.  This specific part is able to be configured from its basic state to become a lazy axle truck or even an electric brake trailer axle.  Because its design is not specific, this axle is perfect for fitting most axle needs because it can be altered for use.  These components are best fitting for wide trailers with standard rim sizes, and where the height of the trailer isn't a deciding factor.

Besides the trailer axles themselves, there are other parts to be purchased alongside them that can aid in function.  The trailer bearing kit is a kit comprised of pieces that provide a  friction free connection between the wheel and the axle itself.  Another component that should be bought alongside the axles themselves are connecting axle nuts, washers, and split pins.  All of these parts hold the axle in place, offering secure uncompromised connections.  More product focused parts such as brake cable adjusters, or brake cable kits should be purchased alongside brake axles to provide the best performance.  It's also crucial to monitor and maintain assisting components of axles for repair and replacement, to have the best functioning trailer axles.

Axles are one of the most important parts of your trailer.  They determine the load weight your trailer can carry, and can provide additional braking if your trailer will be towing exceptionally heavy loads.  These small but powerful trailer parts are essentially the glue that holds it all together and makes it operable.  With proper understanding of the right axle for your specific trailer, as well as necessary prevention and maintenance; you can ensure yourself a smooth ride in even the biggest of vehicles.

Trailers 2000 Parts stock a wide variety of axles to suit most trailers. Check out our range of axels here, or you can contact us directly if you need assistance finding the right parts for your trailer.