Can Electric Brakes Be Added To A Trailer?

Adding electric brakes to a trailer could potentially be one of your best investments.  Electric brake trailer axles promote the highest level of safety of all persons in the vehicle.  This is carried out by providing more control of the braking force of the trailer and distributing a safer more manageable pressure to the brakes themselves.  The ride in a trailer with electric brake trailer axles can be more comfortable, as the electric brake trailer axles provide easier and quicker stopping, as opposed to trailers without this instalment.  The addition of electric brakes to a trailer undeniably increases its value and ability.

It's without question that electric brakes should be added to a trailer, but the question remains... can they, actually mechanically be added?

Electric brake trailer axles are actually fairly easy to install and can be done so with proper understanding and training.

There is a difference in the size of the electric brake trailer axles that need to be taken into consideration.  The size of the axles available coincides with the size of the trailer they'll be attached to, which is why understanding the specifications of your vehicle are so important.  For example, our 1.25T electric brake axle ford with specifications of 1520MM F/F, is best suited for a 1200mm wide chassis using wheels with a backspace of 110mm.  In comparison, our 1.6T electric brake axle 6 stud P/B 2120mm F/F is made specifically for wider chassis' of 1800mm, and more wheel backspace of 120mm.  The increasing size of the trailer's axle, of course, will increase with the size and parameters of the actual trailer. Coincidentally, the more weight and the greater the size of the trailer to be updated, the greater the price.

Several different items will need to be understood and purchased to add electric brakes to an existing trailer.  Depending on your specific trailer you will need a hub and drum that fit the bearings and seal already on your trailer, as well as the wheels' actual bolt pattern.  To guarantee an exact fit of parts, it's best to read part numbers and follow manufacturer guides to provide proper fittings. Here at Trailers 2000 Parts, all of our products come with clear specifications and also list other products they're compatible with.

An electric trailer brake kit is the next component you'll need to complete your installation.  These kits come prepared with bolts directly fitted for your specific trailer size and mounting fixtures on the trailers axles.

Lastly, to finish your installation you will need wiring to run electricity from the trailer itself to the brake system, and a brake controller to be able to control the new system.  Understanding the basics of wiring is needed to be successful in creating a connection between your new brake system and the electrical system of the trailer.  We also provide components needed for this part of the installation such as the wiring and tools needed to complete coupling. We also have various parts available that may not be listed on our site that can assist with electric brake installation.



Because installing electric brakes on an existing trailer can improve the value and function of your vehicle, it's strongly recommended.  At Trailers 20000, we are proud to offer all components needed to ensure a seamless installation of electric brakes to your vehicle.  A safer, smoother ride that extends the life of your brakes, as well as axles, is only an online purchase away.  View our inventory online or contact us directly for options not listed, and begin investing in your trailer today.